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Registered Psychotherapist

Alia is a Registered Psychotherapist who has a Master’s degree in Counselling and Spirituality. Her therapeutic work is rooted in compassion and draws upon psychodynamic, humanistic, experiential, Internal Family Systems, mindfulness/somatic interventions, existential, EMDR, cognitive processing therapy, and cognitive behavioural therapies.

Alia is passionate about supporting those that have struggled with traumatic experiences and intergenerational trauma. She also specializes in working with a wide range of clinical issues including anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, hoarding tendencies, as well as relational difficulties, spiritual and faith crises, and exploring issues related to gender-identity, sexual intimacy, and sexuality.

Alia brings warmth, kindness, and deep respect to her relationship with clients and feels it is a privilege to be able to walk alongside them as they gain a better understanding of themselves and their lives. She believes that change, growth, and healing are processes that take courage and with proper support, she trusts in the natural timing and unfolding of the these processes. 

Alia Wurdemann-Stam: Team Members
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